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White Rags and Wiping Rags

The wiping rags are apprecited expecially for precise and gentle cleaning, white, light, soft, cotton wiping rags.
Ideal for furniture manufacturers, printers, painters and mechanic's workshop.

White Bed Sheet

Fabric made up of white bed sheet , cotton, flat, seamsless.
Ideal for painters, cleaning industry and multi-purpose.

White Flannel

Fabric made from white flannel bed sheets and flannel shirts.
Ideal for those who require a soft cotton cloth.
The white flannel rag is all-white in colour.

White Cotton Mix

Fabric made from white cotton shirts.
Valued by customers who require precise and careful cleaning, soft and lightweight.
Ideal for manufacturers of forniture, printers, painters and for use in car workshops.

White T Shirt

Fabric made from Cotton White T Shirts.
Valued by customers for its soft texture and absorbency.
Perfect for applying wax on to furniture, many applications within the marine industry.

Second Grade White

Fabric made from medium-weight shirts of various shades of white.
Often used aboard yachts anc boats in general day maintenance, but is also suitable for all types of industry.